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EP (extreme pressure) greases

02 March 2022
Why is lubrication essential for the proper function of bearings?
Around 40% of all premature bearing failures are caused by lubrication problems.  Simply put, grease reduces friction, which can cause damage or failure of bearings. Lubrication also protects against corrosion and contaminants that can damage bearings and other wheel-end components.
Lubrication is a critical element of the entire bearing system and must be carefully considered.  EP (extreme pressure) lubricating greases are greases that contain special, so-called EP active substances (EP additives or solid lubricants). Thus, a higher load-carrying capacity can be achieved, as is necessary, for example, in guide roller bearings in a continuous casting application.
One of the most popular EP grease products on is Fuchs Renolit Duraplex EP2.  This is an excellent multi-purpose lithium complex grease, suitable for applications needing a tough grease that’s resistant to water, high thermal loads and high mechanical loads.