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Our Mission: Reliance strives to be your technical partner, consistently adding value through decades of engineering expertise, global leading technologies and 24/7-365 service to continually deliver increased efficiency, reliability and value to our customers.
Regular Clients: 2,500+, Years of experience: 100+, Employees: 50+, Products 30,000, Locations: 4.
Reliance partners benefit from: Over 30,000 products stocked Same day dispatch on all orders before 2:30pm Technical support 24/7-365 100+ years of engineering expertise.
Our Goal: ‘Working together to be your partner for the future’  Reliance is your trusted partner for innovation, reliability, efficiency and value. With Reliance by your side, we will work tirelessly to ensure your business is operating reliably and efficiently 24/7-365.
Our History: Reliance's journey began with Horace Rhoades Kenworthy’s vision to supply engineering components to industry and agriculture. Reliance began as a sole trading company in 1922 and is still led by the Kenworthy family, operating four modern facilities throughout the island of Ireland comprising of a combined 55,000 sq ft of warehousing. Our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and customer service defines us. Reliance is not just a loyal partner; we are a legacy of engineering excellence and community support.
In the early 1920s, Horace Rhodes Kenworthy embarked on a journey that would shape the future of Reliance. Hailing from England, he left behind his family to manage the gear cutting department in the newly opened Ford factory in Cork, Ireland. This was the genesis of Reliance, where he saw the potential for growth in a less developed Irish economy.  In 1922, Horace made the courageous decision to became a sole trader selling bearings and automotive spare parts from the back of his Model T truck. It didn't take long for business to flourish, and in 1925, the business was officially registered as "The Reliance Bearing and Gear Co. Ltd." His sons, George and Horace, soon joined the business, forming a dynamic team that navigated Reliance through both turbulent and buoyant times.  Over 99 years later, the Kenworthy family continues to lead Reliance forward, while preserving the core values that makes Reliance unique. The company has evolved, diversified and expanded, offering the most comprehensive range of engineering components and support services to all industries. Today Reliance operates 4 facilities combining for 50,000 sq ft of warehousing, and is committed to serving its partners 24/7.  As Reliance strides forward, our strong commitment to our loyal customers remains at the core of our mission. Innovation drives us, introducing cutting-edge technologies to enhance efficiency and reliability, setting us apart. Sustainability is our responsibility, with a stronger focus on community support and our dedication to celebrating diversity in our workforce. We empower our employees to grow, as they are the driving force behind who Reliance is. Reliance is your loyal partner for today and tomorrow.