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Optibelt Truck Power CP -Cool Power refrigeration belts

05 January 2023
Refrigeration units ensure that the correct temperature is maintained in commercial vehicles. For the proper delivery of sensitive goods, it is vital that the refrigeration chain be maintained, without any interruptions
Both pharmaceutical products and perishable foodstuffs come under the heading of sensitive foodstuffs. Tightly scheduled just-in-time logistics and strict environmental regulations leave little leeway for breakdowns or technical problems. This is why refrigeration units in modern trucks are usually fitted with several drive belts, which Optibelt includes in its range under the name Optibelt TRUCK POWER CP.
As an original equipment manufacturer, Optibelt is familiar with the high demands placed on these drives and has developed special belt models in its own research and development department in Germany.
  • Reliable OEM quality
  • The use of special fabrics and mixtures
  • The Optibelt CP number guarantees the correct quality of the belt