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Reliance is the exclusive distributor of Nye lubricants in Ireland.

Nye Lubricants is a world leader in the innovation, formulation and manufacture of synthetic oils, greases, and specialty fluids. Nye specialist lubricants are an established and trusted brand in many scientific fields from aerospace to medical devices.  Nye are also a well-established brand for automotive OEMs and even data centres.

Typically synthetic lubricants last 5 to 10 times longer than petroleum products.
While up front costs may be higher, these lubricants can provide significant savings for the overall maintenance budget by promoting longer equipment life and helping to extend lubrication intervals, thus providing a more effective scheduled maintenance program.  the reduced internal friction that synthetics deliver can also improve the mechanical efficiency of industrial equipment, leading to lower energy consumption for further operation cost savings.

Many leading medical device, biopharmaceutical, engineering, contract design and manufacturing organizations have partnered with Nye for over 20 years. All Nye products are carefully engineered materials, formulated for a specific application and selected or developed in consultation with a customer’s engineering department.

Nye have many brands that have been specially formulated for the demands of high tech industries.  These brands include;

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