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Reliance and Cassida Join Forces To Bring Big Savings

23 April 2020
Reliance and Cassida recently agreed a new partnership approach to help all Irish food producers improve reliability and reduce costs.
Reliance and Fuchs Cassida has a wealth of food application knowledge we are eager to share with food producers who are enthusiastic to ensure higher levels of efficiency and reliability are consistently achieved within your food producing processes.
Cassida food grade lubricants is a global leading brand offering a direct equivalent product for 99% of competitor products being used within Irish food manufacturing. To give full reassurance and subject to a formal technical review of any grease application, Fuchs Cassida will support their product recommendation with a formal letter backed up by insurance liability.

 In addition, Reliance is very pleased to announce we now offer installation of bespoke automated greasing systems by our team of experienced lubrication engineers. Automated greasing systems ensures that important applications receive the right amount of lubrication, at the right time in the right place.
Our ultimate aim is to save you money and improve your plant efficiency. Please contact us today to discuss how we can achieve this through lubrication.