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Exclusive Distribution Partnership Agreement between Fuchs and Reliance

24 August 2021
To overcome Brexit issues and improve service levels, Fuchs has taken the decision to partner with Reliance, as the authorised technical distributor of Fuchs Industrial lubricants in Ireland. Reliance is Ireland’s largest engineering products distributor, with 3 strategically located facilities in Ireland, and with over 45,000 sq. ft of warehousing space available.
As a user of high-end lubricants, you will appreciate that quality, service, and cost are crucial in a lubricants supplier.
FUCHS values its customers and therefore has made necessary changes to combat customs administration challenges, extended shipping times and uncertainty brought on by Brexit.

Our new partnership will ensure lead times and delivery service levels for FUCH Lubricants will improve significantly ensuring FUCHS customers will be able to plan better and stay more competitive.  Should you have queries please contact us 

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