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FAG Generation C Ball Bearings

07 May 2021

FAG deep groove Generation C ball bearings were specially developed in relation to low noise levels and low frictional torque. They are particularly suitable, for example, for use in electrical machinery, ventilators, washing machines and power tools. Design changes such as improved bearing kinematics, new seals and cages, as well as a refined manufacturing process generate several benefits for the generation C deep groove ball bearings.

The FAG Generation C deep groove ball bearing is remarkably quiet and generates very low friction – which makes it perfect for use in an electric motor. Whether it’s inside a washing machine, a power tool, or a fan: Our new design minimizes frictional torque and maximizes efficiency – which saves energy and costs, and protects the environment.

FAG Generation C deep groove ball bearings offer excellent sealing performance with very low friction. Our specially adapted, patented lip seal makes them more effective under axial loads, while providing even greater protection from dust and moisture. The result: grease stays in and dust stays out – so your tools last longer.