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As a global partner, Bosch Rexroth supports mechanical and plant engineering challenges around the world with its cutting-edge technology and unique industry knowledge. With their cross-technology portfolio, digital services and comprehensive service, Bosch Rexroth are your partner for machines and plants.

Compact Modules – CKK (Ball Screw Drive) and CKR (Toothed Belt Drive)

Compact Modules are distinguished by their high power density based on their compact dimensions. Externally, the Compact Modules can be recognized by their relatively flat construction. The width to height ratio of all types is around 2:1.
Compact Modules are available as complete solutions with motor, controller, and control system.
  • Flexible thanks to options – Five fine-tuned sizes based on a compact precision aluminium profile with two integrated pre-tensioned ball rail systems
  • Identical external dimensions between Compact Module types CKK and CKR
  • Ready-to-install compact modules in any length up to 10,000 mm – Centre holes for simple combination with other linear motion systems and connection elements
  • Four different lube versions – Economical maintenance thanks to one-point lubrication feature (grease lubrication) from both sides or via the carriage or via a connection plate
  • Repeatability of up to ± 0.005 mm (CKK) and ± 0.05 mm (CKR)
  • Aluminium carriages available in different lengths depending on load

Linear Modules – MKK (Ball Screw Drive), MKR (Toothed Belt Drive) and MLR (Cam Roller)

Rexroth linear modules are precise, ready-to-install guide systems with high performance features in compact dimensions. With their high load ratings, optimal travel characteristics and combinability with different drive types, the precise guide systems make it possible to implement specific requirements, especially for moving large masses at high speeds.
  • Realization of greater lengths of up to 12,000 mm
  • High performance toothed belt (AT profile) for high travel speeds of up to 5 m/s (MKR) and 10 m/s (MLR)
  • Repeatability of up to ± 0.005 mm (MKK) and +/- 0.05 mm (MKR and MLR)

Precision Modules 

Rexroth Precision Modules are precise, ready-to-install linear motion systems that combine high performance with compact dimensions. Rexroth offers favourable price/performance ratios and fast delivery.
  • Extra-reinforced and high-precision drive unit with very small dimensions
  • Optimal travel, high load capacities, high precision and rigidity thanks to the integrated Rexroth Ball Rail System
  • High positioning accuracy (up to ± 0.01 mm) and repeatability (up to ± 0.005 mm) thanks to the ball screw assembly with backlash-free nut system
  • High movement speed with simultaneously high precision thanks to the ball rail systems, large screw diameters and leads, and double floating bearing system
  • Precise alignment and secure mounting of attachments thanks to the thread and pin holes in the carriage
  • Guiding accuracy of up to ± 0.005 mm
  • Quick installation and easy alignment of the axes thanks to the machined reference edge on the frame
  • Simple motor mounting thanks to the cantering recess and fastening thread

Electromechanical cylinders

The electromechanical cylinders from Rexroth are a high-performance alternative to pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders and are scoring top marks when it comes to energy efficiency.
They are taking advantage of the benefits of modern control technology, even at high forces. Parameters for force, position and travel speed can be set as required by the user and flexibly adapted to new tasks at any time via the drive system.
  • High-precision ball screw assemblies: for high performance with maximum cost-effectiveness
  • Complete building system with great variability: can be adapted to a wide range of applications
  • Complete turn-key system: minimal construction and installation effort
  • The smart, freely programmable drive system allows the realization of complex travel profiles (parameters for force, position and travel speed can be set as required over the complete working travel range).
  • Optimized lubrication concept: optional connection to a one-point lubrication system reduces downtime.

Drives and Controls

Enhance the power, flexibility and performance of a wide range of machine functions with Rexroth IndraDrive intelligent drives and power supplies. IndraDrive machine drive systems provide the intelligent drive electronics today’s manufacturers and machine OEMs need to satisfy the demands of today’s complex single and multi-axis production systems. Rexroth IndraDrive intelligent electronics provide a state-of-the-art platform to implement advanced drive-based distributed intelligence automation strategies, increasing the modularity and scalable flexibility of machine design. Available within are;
  • Compact Drives
  • Modular systems
  • Cabinet-free drives
  • Drives with integrated connectivity or safety
  • Motion control units
Accessories – Filters, chokes, capacitors, brakes, resistors, fans, exchangers etc.

Selection and Sizing

With the LinSelect tool, Rexroth fundamentally simplifies the selection of linear axes and actuators. The clear and intuitive user interface guides you to the ideal result step by step – saving time and money.
Further advantages:
  • Quick engineering: results in less than 15 minutes
  • LinSelect combines years of application experience with a appealing and intuitive user interface
  • Seamless selection, configuration and ordering process
  • Select mechanics, motor and drive combination with a single tool
  • Precise and reliable results
  • Always up-to date: product data supplied continuously