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Reliance is Ireland’s largest authorised technical distributor of industrial engineering products, agricultural mechanical components and advanced automation solutions. In addition, Reliance also provides a range of professional services to support the technologies we represent and to further support our customer partnerships.

Reliance is a 4th generation Irish owned family business that exclusively represents many global leading technology manufacturers. As a valued partner, Reliance continually works hard to support our customer base through 4 basic principles…
  • To ensure Reliance is easy to do business with and is consistently reliable.
  • To represent very good value.
  • To fully understand and introduce beneficial new technologies designed to help improve customer competitiveness, efficiency, productivity and reliability.
  • To 100% support for our customer base, 24/7 – 365.


Reliance circa 1925

Horace Rhodes Kenworthy began his working life as a gear cutter in the Dagenham Ford factory, England. In 1918 Horace was asked to manage the gear cutting workshop in the newly opened Ford factory in Cork, Ireland. Horace agreed to take on the new challenge and soon after it became apparent that the Irish economy was less developed than the UK. It was this realisation that motivated Horace to save up and bravely go out on his own to start a new business. In 1921 Reliance began life as a sole trader business operating from the back of a Model-T truck. In 1925 Reliance became a limited entity.

Reliance operates 3 strategically located facilities within Ireland representing a combined 45,000 sq ft of warehousing. The business stocks the most comprehensive range of industrial and agricultural engineering products and operates a next day delivery to anywhere within the island of Ireland. Related services are also on hand to support our customer base to continue operating reliably and cost effectively.

Reliance is very proactive across all sectors in Ireland involving mechanical movement such as food, life sciences, transport, utilities, renewables and agriculture to name a few.

Reliance Automation is a division of Reliance. For more than 30 years Reliance Automation has been providing a wide range of robotic and automation solutions that are utilised in a wide range of sectors. Our comprehensive range of practical automation solutions will assist producers to better manage volume consistantly, while at the same time reduce cost, improve efficiency and ultimately help future proof businesses. Reliance Automation is the only nationwide provider of automation solutions in Ireland that represents the widest range of latest technologies. Our many decades of application engineering expertise will ensure Reliance is well placed to deliver automation projects on time, within budget and that a good return on investment is consistently achieved.

‘To be a loyal and valuable partner ensuring a superior level of service is consistently delivered'.